Friday, May 2, 2008


Arnel Arrieta, my nephew on the mother side, a newscaster at Kalibo Cable Television Network, treated me to a trip to Boracay. Actually, we stayed in Boracay for a only a Day, where I took some footages of his friends' places. I hope I can do more of documentaries like this to promote places where people who are near to our hearts resides. My travel to Aklan was sponsored by Karen Arrieta-Kenaston and Atty. Antonio "Otik" Zulueta. Kay produced the continuing saga of "Primedeo Pro Patria" production we did for his father, Atty. Napoleon Arrieta. We intend to promote soon Tumauini, where the great Gen. Mateo Noriel Luga, the great Ibanag Revolutionary, was born. With God's grace, with the help of Fr. Angel Luga, in Isabela, I hope we can make a documentary of this forgotten hero, which motivated us to establish this Foundation. Of course with my mother, Zenaida Rodrigazo and father, Rodolfo Luga.

Herewith is: "A Three Day Trip to Boracay with ARNEL ARRIETA":

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