Monday, May 5, 2008


Manong Erling started from a humble beginning. He became a vendor, helping his mother selling "tamales". After selling "tamales", he shines shoes and he is also a newsboy every morning. We covered Manong Erling's affair when they celebrated their Mother's 100th year death Anniversary in a seafront bungalow in Sison Pangasinan, owned by another brother Manolo. He told me: "if only her mother was still alive, she should have been very happy. He could have send his mother to Spain and have bought her a beautiful terno that her mother loves so much and has been dreaming of."

Erling strived so hard to finish his primary and secondary education until he earned a college degree. He later became an author, lecturer and a recognized "Guro" in credit collection. A lifetime honorary member of the Financial Executive Institute of the Philippines (FINEX). Next year will the 45th Anniversary of his Corporation and we are glad that after all these years, Manong Erling's dream of having his own company has not only been fulfilled, but has survived as the prime instution in credit and collection service in this country through all these years.

We have an appointment with him once before. We went early to his office. It was closed, the guard told us that there were no people yet, but we were given the clearance to come in because Manong Erling instructed the guard to let us in. Upon entering the Office, there was a man cleaning the toilet and we were surprised to learn that it was Manong Erling. He told us: "the problem if you wait for people to do their job, nothing is going to happen. Thus, it would be better that you do all the things in office even as a janitor." That is "Manong Erling" I knew of.

"Manong Erling Sison", an epitome of man whose persistency, determination and will to surpass the challenges in life to attain his dream of a better business climate is worthy to emulate. A tradition, which the General Mateo Noriel Foundation envisions for others to emulate.

It was an honor doing an AVP for "Manong Erling", which was shown in Manila Hotel for his company's presentation four years ago, the BAGCO CREDIT CORPORATION in YOU TUBE:

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where can we purchase the 3rd edition of his book on No-Nonesense Collection?