Thursday, October 22, 2015



Why spend monthly payment for internet service providers, hire  digital artists and media planners for  your advocacy campaign, promotional and marketing needs when you can do it for FREE in the cyber space and even earn from it by registering the social media site we shall design for you via PAYPAL by placing the Ads being promoted by Google's ADSENSE.

We can set up your communication system by registering an email account at for your emails and group mailing needs then we shall   design and develop a social media site for you at Google's

What else? We can be your partner to promote, market and sell  your events, product and services by setting up an e-cyber marketing service  with our viewers.  Consequently,  you can reduce your printing, publication, promotion, marketing and sales  cost and help maintain  an environmental friendly atmosphere in promoting your products and services without using any paper.  Finally, you can help spread our advocacy with your meager donation only to shoulder the necessary expenses. 

And what are the advantages of the Cyber marketing we are taking about and offering?   Aside from undetermined numbers of e-magazine promotions sent to individual e-mail addresses and group mail accounts by our members as your sales and marketing partners, we can already determine the actual number of viewers who viewed you promotional materials. We can also refer you to our friends in the mainstream media industry were you can appear on T.V. or be interview in radio and tele radios. 

You can surely save from manpower and operating expenses and increase you opportunity to promote and market your events, services and products worldwide.

See for yourselves the blogsites, images and AVPs we produced for almost a decade, just click the titles below:

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