Friday, May 16, 2008


Secretary Ignacio Bunye shall be leaving the Palace. If there is a person who joined and left the Arroyo Administration silently, but helped served the Office of the Press Secretary behind the scene by professionally stirring public opinion to re-focus back to good governance and remained neutral and apolitical despite series of political turmoil, it's non - other than this person, who despite the Manila Peninsula siege manages to help entertain Palace guests to watch the Carpenter with Claire performing before them. After entering and leaving the palace silently, he remained humble. He has always been behind the scene helping the movie industry and award giving bodies in the film industry. He is also active in the music industry, promoting recording artists promote their newly released records. He has been with the industry for more than three (3) decades and shall be celebrating the 3rd year of his show at NBN channel-4. WHO IS THIS MYSTERY PERSON? DOUBLE CLICK HERE AND LEARN MORE . . .

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