Friday, May 2, 2008


Barangay Quirino HIll in Baguio City is a densely populated Barangay in the City. Whenever rainy season comes, portions of the hill suffers soil erosion because upstream waters flows into different direction without adequate drainage facilities for waters to flow downstream leading to the creek. It's good that the Barangay officials undertook a project to repair its drainange system in due time before the rainy season begins, (it was actually sometime in December 2007 when I took these footages), through the courtesy of Congressman Mauricio Domogan, the lone Congressman of Baguio City.

The Barangay Quirino Hill Water Drainage Project has been chosen to be featured by Mateo Noriel Luga Foundation as an exemplary project of a Barangay timely addressing the pressing need of a Barangay in due time before the need arises. An exemplary project of Congressman Mauricio Domagan for the People of Quirino and Baguio City per se.

Herewith is their project, in YOU TUBE:

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