Friday, July 31, 2009


ALIMUKON W/ CSCRO No. 5 presents . . . "Estancia"
(Tabaco, Albay after typhoon Reming)
(CSCRO No. 5 officials and employees during a flag retreat ceremony)
(CSCRO No. 5 Dir. IV Cecilia R. Nieto [ fifth from left] and Dir. III Salvador C. Villarosa, Jr. [left corner] with Jocelyn L. Marifosque [seventh from left] and the staff of the Examination Service Division with some teachers of Rawis Elementary School).

The most promising place in Albay today, specifically in Legaspi City, is Barangay Estancia. Located at the highest elevation in the City or maybe, in the entre province of Albay, the place is x x x . Compliment of in coordination with CSCRO No. V . . . see it for yourself (DOUBLE CLICK HERE . . .)

Saturday, July 18, 2009


The weather was good in early morning on July 14, 2009 when a plane from Manila landed at Legaspi City Airport in Albay with a passenger on board to look for a man who, not known to many, touches the lives not only of his fellow government workers - but also of those residing in his community. A man who, due to hardship of life in Manila resettled in a Barangay somewhere in Estancia, a place without any means of transportation, to put up a structure he can call a home for his family. A man, who loaned from a financing institution to purchase a motorcycle and thereafter organized motorcycle owners in his community to provide transport for their neighborhood. A man, who despite earning less than Two Thousand Pesos (P 2,000.00) monthly manages to donate their used toilet bowl to benefit the children of a public school in his community, deprived of clean toilet. A man who returned a wallet by searching for a woman whose picture appears in the walltet he found, whose husband was working as a technician on top of the highest peak in the entire Legaspi City. It is then but fitting to climb the highest mountain and to raise a flag if necessary for everybody to know that the good deed of this person is worhthy to be emulated and for the public to know that government after all is on top of the situation with personnel who possesses the integrity worthy of the people's trust.

The CSCRO No. V . . . (DOUBLE CLICK HERE . . .)

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Let's go on with our lives LEAD! This is a very inspirational film by LASSERSPEED007

Saturday, March 21, 2009


After a school project we did for Sacred Heart Academy of Novaliches of the Zabarte's for the benefit of the Boy Scout of the Philippines at SHAN, which we have not yet posted at SHAN's site , a site we created for the benefit of SHAN's students; and, after our recent project with NOVA, which supports our advocacy projects through all this years, we were invited by Dobel Dizon, Grade III, teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School (OLLCS) to do a documentary of the Grade III students' Field Demonstration. We covered the entire program, indeed, for a fund raising activity for the benefit of the Grade III Parents Coordinating Council and the school.

The last time we helped a fund raising activity at the OLLCS was in December of 2007, i.e., OLLCS' FAMILY DAY!. It's been quite sometime since we have not met our dear friend, Fr. Albert N. Delvo, who was originally from the mission with Claret, before he joined the Diocese of His Emminence, Bishop Antonio R. Tobias, the Diocese of Novaliches. From the Diocese of Ilagan, to the Diocese of Baguio City, we're now back in Caloocan City.
The theme of the OLLCS Field Demonstration: "Hello! World, a Call for survival" was relevant to the present day environmental crisis - to inculcate in our Children's mind the importance of saving our planet Earth from global warming. The last project with did for our environmental advocacy was that of CSC's Centennial Forest entitled: An Environmental Friendly Work Place, which was already syndicated by technorati and other sites. It is not only the children that should play their role - it must be Us . . . their parents - for our children's future.

In the days to come we shall present in this site the children's presentation. It's sad, however, that this shall be the last year that Teacher Jobel Dizon shall be with the OLLCS as she shall be going home in their province in Lucena, Quezon. This we dedicate to Teacher Dobel (double click here to see their site . . . }