Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's an organizational meeting of the Parents Coordinating Board of Our Lady Lourdes once again, after the successful Bingo Bonanza Project undertaken by the PCB last year, here we are again organizing. The PCB has now taken a step forward by suggesting to provide a seminar/workshop (livelihood projects) for the parents of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. On the other hand, someone is espousing to give a seminar workshop on IT graphic designs and site development. The site we developed for the PCB has been in existence for more than a year.

Many of the parents and even the students, however, were not keen of the cyber technology as a mode of communication among parents, students and teachers at OLLCS. Unlike the blogsite project we have done for Sacred Heart Academy, which bonded the students of SHAN into the cyber world, regardless of distance. It has the highest number of viewership in YOU TUBE, where alumnus of SHAN as far as CANADA and U.S., registered their comment. It sparked a cyber revolt in one way or the other. SHAN also has the most number of sites developed by its batch of alumnus, having its own BLOGSITES where alumnus here and abroad maintains constant communications.

Of all these schools, however, it seems that the Diocesian Schools of Ilagan, though slowly developing its IT departments, has the greatest potential of a very strong and active cyber community in the making because of the following factors: 1.) The enthusiasm of the faculty and the entire community; 2.) The need to provide efficient and effective mode of communication because of the distance from each schools, churches and communities; 3.) The extent of the coverage, the project involves greater participation even from the start; 4.) The support of the leadership of the schools including the teachers; 5.) Foremost of all, we believe, is the bond of the Ibanags. The "Ibanags" has its own culture, heroes and leaders, though forgotten by history lives within the heart and soul of its people.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


We were informed by Mazu Antonio, the Secretary of the Diocesean Schools of the Diocese of Isabela, that the principals of the the different schools of the Diocesean Schools of the Diocese of Ilagan already viewed the Cyber Community Project of Fr. Angel B. Luga, the Superintendent of the Diocesean Schools. It may be the first time in the history of a province of Isabela that a project has been undertaken covering almost all of its main churches, tourism sites and Dioecesean Schools, in an audio visual documentary presentation launched in You Tube and blogsites, undertaken in a span of less than 48 hours.

It was 3 a.m. in the morning of June 8, 2008 when we arrived at Cauyan, Isabela. We already covered almost one half of the province on the first day alone, i.e., from Cordon to Cauyan from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. of the same day. The following day, we covered the rest of the province from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. from Cauyan to San Pablo. This has not been made possible if not for the support of the energetic staff of Fr. Angel B. Luga, headed by Mazu Antonio, her Secretary.

We learned later on that Mazu is a daughter of a 20-year Barangay Captain somewhere in a Barrio in San Pablo, who was killed in an alleged political feud. No wonder that this energetic lady has a sense of patriosm in her like those who participated in the project. The project was a missionary work and the people who participated therein voluntarily offered their services without realizing the extent it is now gaining. It is but fitting, therefore, to honor those who participated in the project including those from Barrio Ugad, who were actually one of the targetted beneficiary - the offrings of the forgotten Ibanag Hero: General Mateo Noriel Luga.

Behind the scene were the Luga Clan, Mala Jean Luga (the daugther of Col. Mateo Luga), who is our project coordinator in Manila and the family of Gen. Emilio S. Luga, Jr, (The 3rd Generation of the Great Ibanag Hero: GEN. MATEO NORIEL LUGA), in Cebu, the Luga and Surriga Family in Bacolod and in U.S., the Luga-De Jesus FAmily in Dumaguete and Australia, our other groups in Yahoo, the Rodrigazo/Arrieta and our friends in the cyber community. The documentaries produced by the Luga Family has now expanded here and abroad. TUMAUINI.COM, a group of Tumauinians in U.S. is now actively participating with our campaign. America On Line (AOL) featured the documentary of the late General. Its You Tube site alone already reached 550 views in a span of a week without mentioning the viewers of the other sites where it was syndicated and broadcasted.

The Diocesean Schools of the Diocese of Isabela are already acquiring computers with internet service providers. This is the first time in the history of a Diocese that its Schools created an awareness campaign of such a magnitude! Covering not only the schools, the churches, but also promoting its entire province without outside support, purely on missionary work. If there is one thing that has been proven by this project - it is that: technological advancement brought about by science if used in an unselfish manner with a firm, solid and morally upright committment and objective can stir public opinion for the betterment of all.

Not for long the Diocese of Ilagan can have its own broadcast, blogsites and cyber communities. Training and developing its students, faculties including church based organizations on the responsive use of the cyber technology to promote advocacies towards the welfare of humanity to bond people, families and communities, we hope shall soon follow. With its influence covering the entire province, which population consists of almost 80% Catholics with six (6) schools, not to mention Our Lady of the Pillar including its church based umbrella organizations scattered all over the province, a cyber revolution in Isabela has just begun!

Friday, June 20, 2008


After, America On Line (AOL) syndicated the documentary produced by Mala Jean Luga and Col. Mateo Luga at: from the videos we uploaded in You Tube, where Tumauini, the birth place of the late General was emphasized - it was Mila Samonte Opseth and Ranee Quiambao, of TUMAUINI.COM from California who contacted us asking: what they can do to help?

Imagine of all the people in the Philippines, it was the YouTube, the OAL and these kind hearted Tumanuinians in California who lend their hands and asked ask us what they can do to help?
Consequently, we linked the site of Mila and Ranee, in our site "ALIMUKON" and added a CBOX at it for all of us to place our comments and suggestion. To Mila and Ranee - THANK YOU VERY MUCH! In due time we shall announce our next missionary work in Isabela on a wider scale. is the online venue for residents worldwide who once called Tumauini home. They hold regular gatherings in California. If you would like to participate in their association as it is open to all that have connections with Tumauini, please contact Mila Samonte Opseth at or [661] 373-5164. You can also contact Ranee Quiambao at or [818] 383-9450.


Saturday, June 14, 2008


The province of Isabela is one of the richest province in the country even before the coming of the Spaniards because of its resources. It is a bastion of plain agricultural land sorrounded by mountain ranges, the Cordillera, Caraballo Ranges and the Sierra Madre. In fact, the Spaniards set up Puebos in Isabela almost a hundred years prior to the City of Manila. The Spaniards set-up different forts in Isabela as they were then intending to use the place as a launching pad to attack China.

The 28 Multi-Media Philippines in coordination with Fr. Angel B. Luga, the Parish Priest of Cauyan sponsored an Audio Visual production for all of us to see the beauty that awaits you in Isabela. The old Churches, especially the St. Mattias Church of Tumauini was so ellegant that you can feel going back in time for over 5 centuries just by sitting inside the Church and feel its aura. The scenery of Camp Samal was breathtaking! You can see the entire Isabela on top of its view deck. Once finished, you can swim at a pool overlooking the entire province.

The almost 30 hectares Punta Amelita in Cordon, the first town from Nueva Vizcaya, was fabolous. It has big rooms, separate houses for guests, three swinmming pools, a zoo, a lagoon and if you want to go on fishing, you can go on boat ride with your gear.
Herewith is Isabela, that awaits you . . . in You Tube:


Usec. Robert T. Rivera on camera with a U.S. Army Sergeant, a Fil-Am Miss Earth Title Holder - in a German suit! They were together in a show . . .

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Father Angel Luga is presently the Parish Priest of Cauyan, Isabela. A native of Ugad, Tumanuini in Isabela, he was born on November 9, 1948 of parents Rosario Baquiran and Diego Luga, the son of Domingo Luga, whose brother was General Mateo Noriel Luga, an Ibanag national Hero.

Despite hardship in life, Angel strived hard to finish a degree. He attended primary and secondary education at Ugad Elementary School and the School of St. Mathias in Tumanuini, Isabela, respectively, until he finished a degree in Theology at St. Paul University in Tuguegarao, Cagayan in 1971. He continued his Tehological studies at the Immaculate Conception School of Theology and later earned a Masteral Degree at Isabela State University in Echague Isabela and his Doctoral Degree at La Salette University in Santiago City, Isabela. LEARN MORE ABOUT HIM . . .