Sunday, June 29, 2008


It's an organizational meeting of the Parents Coordinating Board of Our Lady Lourdes once again, after the successful Bingo Bonanza Project undertaken by the PCB last year, here we are again organizing. The PCB has now taken a step forward by suggesting to provide a seminar/workshop (livelihood projects) for the parents of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School. On the other hand, someone is espousing to give a seminar workshop on IT graphic designs and site development. The site we developed for the PCB has been in existence for more than a year.

Many of the parents and even the students, however, were not keen of the cyber technology as a mode of communication among parents, students and teachers at OLLCS. Unlike the blogsite project we have done for Sacred Heart Academy, which bonded the students of SHAN into the cyber world, regardless of distance. It has the highest number of viewership in YOU TUBE, where alumnus of SHAN as far as CANADA and U.S., registered their comment. It sparked a cyber revolt in one way or the other. SHAN also has the most number of sites developed by its batch of alumnus, having its own BLOGSITES where alumnus here and abroad maintains constant communications.

Of all these schools, however, it seems that the Diocesian Schools of Ilagan, though slowly developing its IT departments, has the greatest potential of a very strong and active cyber community in the making because of the following factors: 1.) The enthusiasm of the faculty and the entire community; 2.) The need to provide efficient and effective mode of communication because of the distance from each schools, churches and communities; 3.) The extent of the coverage, the project involves greater participation even from the start; 4.) The support of the leadership of the schools including the teachers; 5.) Foremost of all, we believe, is the bond of the Ibanags. The "Ibanags" has its own culture, heroes and leaders, though forgotten by history lives within the heart and soul of its people.

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