Friday, June 20, 2008


After, America On Line (AOL) syndicated the documentary produced by Mala Jean Luga and Col. Mateo Luga at: from the videos we uploaded in You Tube, where Tumauini, the birth place of the late General was emphasized - it was Mila Samonte Opseth and Ranee Quiambao, of TUMAUINI.COM from California who contacted us asking: what they can do to help?

Imagine of all the people in the Philippines, it was the YouTube, the OAL and these kind hearted Tumanuinians in California who lend their hands and asked ask us what they can do to help?
Consequently, we linked the site of Mila and Ranee, in our site "ALIMUKON" and added a CBOX at it for all of us to place our comments and suggestion. To Mila and Ranee - THANK YOU VERY MUCH! In due time we shall announce our next missionary work in Isabela on a wider scale. is the online venue for residents worldwide who once called Tumauini home. They hold regular gatherings in California. If you would like to participate in their association as it is open to all that have connections with Tumauini, please contact Mila Samonte Opseth at or [661] 373-5164. You can also contact Ranee Quiambao at or [818] 383-9450.


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