Saturday, June 14, 2008


The province of Isabela is one of the richest province in the country even before the coming of the Spaniards because of its resources. It is a bastion of plain agricultural land sorrounded by mountain ranges, the Cordillera, Caraballo Ranges and the Sierra Madre. In fact, the Spaniards set up Puebos in Isabela almost a hundred years prior to the City of Manila. The Spaniards set-up different forts in Isabela as they were then intending to use the place as a launching pad to attack China.

The 28 Multi-Media Philippines in coordination with Fr. Angel B. Luga, the Parish Priest of Cauyan sponsored an Audio Visual production for all of us to see the beauty that awaits you in Isabela. The old Churches, especially the St. Mattias Church of Tumauini was so ellegant that you can feel going back in time for over 5 centuries just by sitting inside the Church and feel its aura. The scenery of Camp Samal was breathtaking! You can see the entire Isabela on top of its view deck. Once finished, you can swim at a pool overlooking the entire province.

The almost 30 hectares Punta Amelita in Cordon, the first town from Nueva Vizcaya, was fabolous. It has big rooms, separate houses for guests, three swinmming pools, a zoo, a lagoon and if you want to go on fishing, you can go on boat ride with your gear.
Herewith is Isabela, that awaits you . . . in You Tube:

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