Saturday, July 12, 2008


These four young, talented, bright and beautiful ladies are excellent singers who could also dance to the hilt was so lucky to have been discovered by Sister Bella Dimayuga. Their future in the entertainment industry is not only secured, but their well-being as a complete person, a Christian and their moral uprightness is assured as well. With them, the Philippines can be assured of ripping more honors abroad from these singing and dancing divas. They will be introduced fully into the entertainment industry here and ultimately, abroad: in the U.S. and all over the world !

Sister Bella, the President of the then world renowned Bellestar Promotions told us that she has something big in store for these young, beautiful and talented ladies in the United States where she now promotes our country and kababayans. It's one thing we admire of this lady, she has a big heart not minding spending money to take care of her fellow Filipinos, developing their talents, nurturing their well-being, then sending them abroad for a brighter future is not an easy task.

It is an honor to take pictures of these ladies in a rare photo oppurtunity, where we were invited to shoot. When we asked Sister Bella, a Kawad Kalinga awardee, why she named these four, young talented and beautiful ladies as Philippine Juicy Fruits? She told us: Why are there groups named Adobo? Menudo? Why not promote Philippine Fruits? "THE PHILIPPINE JUICY FRUITs!"
Actually they are named Makopa (Rose Apple), Langka (Jackfruit), Kaymito (Star Apple) and Mangga (Mango).
Actually, it does not only make them sound interesting, but also make them be able to promote the juicy, yummy Philippine Fruits!

For inquiry and bookings you may contact Bella Dimayuga at Cell Phone No. 0920-9704644; Landline: 6665809 or 66655810; or you may email her at

We were given the oppurtunity to take video footages of this young ladies. In support of Sister Bella's advocacy to promote Filipino talents abroad, who are we then to say no to this nationalistic person. Let's support Sister Bella in her advocacy for our country. Ladies and gentlemen the Philippine Juicy Fruits in You Tube!

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