Friday, August 15, 2008


Fresh from his stint in Harvard, United States, where he studied Public Finance Administration, Usec. Robert T. Rivera went straight to the set of his show: Pilipinas Ngayon Na! Barely days after he arrived in the country, Usec. Rivera hosted the launching of the Philippine Juicy Fruits of Bella Dimayuga. Bella Dimayuga, the very nationalistic President of Bellestar Promotions who conceptualized the idea that her talents be named after Philippine Fruits to promote our country abroad, with his husband Ed, took charge of the affair. The event was splendid! The crowds were so energetic! The voice of "Marvic" a.k.a. "Makopa", as she dances with the Bellstar Dancers, was so powerful! Usec. Rivera at the set, was amazed. We taped the event from our own cameras we brought in with us and uploaded Marvic's performance. It was really splendid! Amazing! Amusing! Watch it for yourself t0 witness:

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