Saturday, August 9, 2008


MEANWHILE! We were surprised to hear from a cousin whom we have not heard of for years. Almost 40 years ago. Most of us, who are TECHIE, like our cousin Mala Jean, were still crawling (not this writer, who might have not been born yet . . . LOL!) since we met him. He has this thick glasses, who used to stay away from the crowds to read his books . . . a nerd (pardon me for the term, but it pays! He is an Engineer and has that brains!). Indeed, the bloodline of the great Ibanag Revolutionary is already spreading across the Globe. Yes! We used to call him Manong Elmer, who might have been older than my late sister Realyn. Manong Elmer, married to Mary Paguntalan was the son of the late Captain Eugenio Luga Surriga whose mother is Neda Salud Rivera. His father is the offspring of Pilar Luga married to Justo Surriga. Pilar was the daugther of the late General Mateo Noriel Luga. I learned that Manong Elmer is presently doing a project on Geneology. One of the best GENEOLOGY PROJECT I ever encountered in the net was that of my cousin's project on my mother side, the RODRIGAZO's. It takes years of researching, but it pays. I don't even know how our cousin on my mother side did it. Maybe our cousin Mala Jean, on the father side, can start the ball rolling at ANCESTRY.COM. The Surrigas migrated in United States. They also holds regular clan reunions. Thank you Mala!


tutubi said...

you're from isabela? i've upcoming posts about your province.

btw, you should consider changing color schemes or template. i can't read your text :(

Rev. Fr. Jessie Somosierra,Jr. said...

You have changed your background. It is too dark to read the text

Rene Tillo said...

Hi Mr. Elmer Surriga, my name is Rene Mana-ay Tillo, son of Paz Mana-ay Tillo from Inangayan, Sta. Barbara, Iloilo, Philippines. My mom told me a lot of things about you and your family. She used to be your family's helper when your family was residing in Iloilo City long long time ago. My mother has a very very important question to ask you and your father Eugenio. I would greatly appreciate it if you can reply to my message. My e-mail address is You can also find me in facebook with my name as Rene Tillo. Presently, I am residing here in New York City.